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The company, which has been operating in the medical sector since 2009, continues its production and commercial activities in its production facility located on a total area of 9,500 m2 in Kocaeli / Kartepe District and in its facilities with 5,250 pallets (202 trucks) storage areas.

Apart from its own brand, EASYFLOW, the company sells over 4000 products. These products are high quality products registered in the State Supply Office (DMO) purchasing system and registered in the Product Tracking System (UTS).

Behind the success we have achieved as the Ermed Medical family lies a customer-oriented, sincere and productivity-centered management approach. We offer you uninterrupted and top quality service with our ever-increasing product variety and stock amounts.

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Product Variations


Our company has started its own production since 2009 under the brand name of Easyflow. Shoe covers, bonnets, masks, overalls, aprons, etc. from simple medical consumables. In addition to the products, many products such as Bandage, Elastic Bandage, Anti-Embolism Socks, Spanch Abdominal Pads, Cotton Pads are produced with a fully automated narrow weaving and packaging group.

It will be one of the biggest manufacturers in Turkey after the addition of products such as EKG Electrode, Synthetic Plaster, Urine Bag, Sterilization Roller, Mattress Protector that will be added to its product portfolio soon.

Quality Policy

As ERMED TIP Medical,

  • To increase the efficiency in all our processes in line with the continuous improvement approach, to minimize errors and losses, and to be an exemplary company by meeting the needs and expectations of our customers in the best way,
  • To closely follow and apply technological developments in the sector in order to further increase our competitiveness at the international level,
  • To continuously improve the quality level of our quality management system to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard,
  • To establish quality awareness in all employees in order to provide the most accurate service to our customers as soon as possible, to be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment,
  • To produce hygienic and reliable products in accordance with laws and regulations, national and international standards,
  • To be one of the leading and respected companies in the sector and to contribute to the country's economy.

We take it as a quality policy.