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Rendering serving in medical sector since 2004, our company has aimed to be a leader trademark for the procurement of medical consumables with its staff which has been getting increased every passing day and with its expanding service network. Due to our storage capacity over 2,300 m2 which we have been expanding continuously, we are able to transmit our products to you rapidly and without any interruption.

We have been investigating all the products in the world and we have been working with the top- quality products within its class. We examine the impact of our products over the human health and we select our products accordingly.

We follow up all processes starting from the introduction of our products up to delivery and we are proud of serving the best service to our customers. With our professional sales team, we have been continuously making a market research and introducing the top quality products with our best prices.

With nine vehicles included in our fleet, we are able to provide continuous and timely delivery throughout Turkey.

In terms of 12 June 2017, medical device registration/ notification procedures, product actions and other relevant procedures and actions are being followed over Product Follow-Up System. With our programs which have been integrated with the relevant Product Follow-Up System and excellent notifications, the service is being able to be rendered in the best manner.

As Ermed Medical Family, there exists a customer-oriented, sincere and productive management concept beyond our achievement. With our increasing product variety and stock amounts every day, we are here to provide you a continuous and top quality service.

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Ermed Medical has been producing plastic materials in two region throughout Turkey, whereas producing gauze bandage in one specific region. In addition, we have been importing various products from United States and various European countries.

We have been producing EASYFLOW and OEM items which are our own patented trademark in 21 countries such as; Germany, United States, Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, China, India, South Korea.

Our products which are being manufactured at the plants which have been sterilized specially are also imported and exported.