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Dear Colleague,

In recent days, the exchange rate experienced an increase due with Turkey on 14.08.2018 to discuss the challenges faced in our sector Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices President Rights Agency Gürsöz, Medical Devices and Cosmetics Vice President Recep Uslu, Audit Services with the Medical Device Sector Platform Members of the Vice President Fatih Tan SEIS ,, TÜMDEF SADER, ARTED, a meeting was held with the participation of President ORDER.

The meeting discussed the difficulties experienced by the sector in the following areas. These difficulties minutes into bringing Gürsöz Rights today TİTCK President Recep Uslu and member of the Medical Device Sector Platform together with the President of the Organization Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Şuayip was first transmitted. Mr. Minister, we saw that he was aware of these problems.

In addition, in order to relieve our sector before the feast before the feast of the Ministry of Health hospitals receive from our industry, we requested the payment. Mr. Minister, he said that he would support us on this issue.

As we pass the Sector Ministry of Health issues and our proposals we have been presented below.

The finished work on hospitals by 20% levy auctions are conducted. job growth in these tenders have already made the old man is to leave the company in difficult situations. (GDVS) SUT prices are not updated for the last 8 years. Updating the SUT is the price depending on the exchange rate increases firms' costs and sales price increases in the supply of medical devices to prevent any future problems is very important. (SSI) at a price update sari year on medical devices in a similar way to update prices should be made annually on the drug and medical device TİTCK should take the pricing agenda. (TİTCK) repayments made to the Agency, via hospitals; the payment of hospital use and the company's own financial needs of these entries is caused to emit the very long term. Therefore, the transition to a model that can be made direct reimbursement to companies is important. Product Tracking System to track because of the singular also take place directly in the payment process can be considered the use of this system. Thus, the informal economy, price setting and providing a significant source of data for more effective market analysis. (SSI), the Congress is held in the medical device field too much. It is especially made a different convention in near sixty years in the orthopedic field. This situation is forcing companies who sponsor financially. Also to be done on the basis of support per dollar instead of the congress is of great importance. (TİTCK) In calculating costs relating to the tender only about the use of the amounts in past auctions MSRS and in consideration of the exchange rate increases are to leave the company in a difficult situation financially. carriers if it continues this strategy will not want to bid on procurement and supply problems can begin. (GDVS) Purchase model more dynamic, so as to be parallel to the current economic situation and the interests of both sides is very important to be revised. (GCC-GDVS) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) begins its publication and implementation of the guidelines quality standards and minimum security criteria to meet the product (especially the far eastern origin of the products) will reduce the likelihood of market drastically. (TİTCK) when the company considered and the economic problems experienced by the contraction in the market to shift a certain period of tax payments or offsetting with our receivables from the public it will be useful. Other countries have made similar applications. (Treasury and Ministry of Finance) medical devices they produce finished products after processing firms, while 18% of the amount of KDV paid on imported raw materials for industry and sell them constitute a loss of 8% KDV KDV. This made the work for removal of the company KDV loss of grip in the market will seriously contribute to reducing the financial burden. (Treasury and Ministry of Finance) For your information.


Adv. Refika Eser

Secretary General

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15 Aug 2018