Enteral Feeding Bag

Enteral Feeding Bag

• There are 3 models: feeding without a device (Gravity type) and with a pump device (bagged type and enteral flushing type).

• It is recommended to dispose of after use and change every 24 hours.

• There is a lock mechanism on the cover opening that prevents spillage.

• It has a strong suspension ring that makes it easy to hang and carry.

• It has 100 ml spaced grading lines on the nutrition set.

• It has a transparent bag structure where the amount of food can be seen easily.

• It has a label that enables to write patient information.

• Includes an ice chamber at the back of the feeding bag, suitable for use in extreme temperatures outside the hospital.

Flexible Y port (2nd inlet) allowing access from a 5 ml injector for additional therapy to a 50 ml gavage injector without removing the set from the patient

• It has a pine-tipped connector at the end of the set that allows connection to feeding tubes of any size and NGS probe.

• Does not contain DEHP and latex.

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