PVC Larengeal Mask

PVC Larengeal Mask

It is a disposable laryngeal mask airway.

It is in sterile single packs.

The laryngeal mask consists of a miniature silicone mask that conforms to the shape of the hypopharynx and covers the larynx like a gasket and a silicone tube connected to it at an angle of 30 degrees.

Along the wall that forms the body of the laryngeal mask, there is a radio-opaque line that is used for radiological control and is useful in orientation.

LARENGEAL MASK  1.0 < 5kg , < 4ml
LARENGEAL MASK 1.5 5-10kg , < 7ml
LARENGEAL MASK 2.0 10-20kg , < 10ml
LARENGEAL MASK 2.5 20-30kg , < 14ml
LARENGEAL MASK 3.0 30-50kg , < 20ml
LARENGEAL MASK 4.0 50-70kg , < 30ml
LARENGEAL MASK 5.0 ˃ 70kg, < 40ml


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