Cutimed Siltec consistently provides reliable results regardless of the level of viscosity of the exudate. With its silicone wound contact layer and super absorbent particles, it offers outstanding fluid management capabilities, but also offers patients significant advantages for higher quality of life and compatibility.

It is for all leaking wounds, such as venous, diabetic or pressure ulcers.

Reduced risk of maceration.

Traumatic, painless dressing.

Strikethrough and leak prevention

It is sterile.

It does not contain Latex.


CUTIMED  SILTEC     : 10 cm x 10 cm - 10 cm x 20 cm - 15 cm x 15 cm - 20 cm x 20 cm       

CUTIMED  SILTEC B  : 7 cm x 10 cm - 10 cm x 10 cm - 15 cm x 15 cm

CUTIMED  SILTEC L   :10 cm x 10 cm - 15 cm x 15 cm

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