Closed Suction Catheter

Closed Suction Catheter

• Various types are available which may continue its effects on the patient for 24-72 hours.
• Suction control switch is available.
• Distal washing port is available for washing the catheter.
• Security valve is available. When security valve is arranged to off position, washing is available.
• Made of hard plastic to enter into trachea easily.

6FR, 8FR, 10FR, 12FR, 14FR, 16FR, 18FR

What is closed suction catheter? / What is closed suction?

There are two types of methods when performing the suction. One of them is open and the other one is closed. Both methods can be used without any problems in the suction process. One of two different catheters is used according to the method used. But closed system suction catheter is more useful than open system suction. It is a less risky product, especially about infection risk.

How to use closed suction catheter?

First, the closed suction catheter (closed aspiration catheter) is connected to the aspirator. The flushing port opens and connects to the filled injector port. The vacuum value is determined. The control button is turned off. It is then connected with the other tube (tracheostomy cannula or endotracheal tube) and placed in the respiratory tract. Then the control button is opened. In this way, the suction process can be started.

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