HME Filter (HMEF)

HME Filter (HMEF)

• Polypropylene transparent body.
• %99.9999 bacterial effectiveness.
• %99.999 viral effectiveness.
• Paper or sponge HME Element.
• Clamped or luer covered CO2 port.
• Ultrasonic body combination without using adhesive.

What is a HME filter?

Patients who have a tracheostomy cannula or an endotracheal tube do not breathe through the nose. When using a tracheostomy cannula or endotracheal tube, the air going to respiratory must be filtered. HME filter is used for this. In this way, the air is humidified, heated, cleaned and there is no risk in the respiratory tract. HME filter price varies according to the brand.

HME: Heat and Moisturizer Exchanger. It means heat and moisture exchanger.

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