Nebulizer Mask

Nebulizer Mask

• Made of medical grade pvc.
• Non-sterile.
• 8 ml capacity – drug chamber.
• Ergonomic mask appropriate with features.
• Channeled and resistant against breakage and bending -200 cm- long connection hose.
• Connector consistent with standards.
• Disposable.

What is a nebulizer mask?

The nebulizer turns the liquid medicine into vapor thanks to the compressed air. It then allows the medicine to be transmitted to the respiratory tract. A nebulizer mask is used to deliver the medicine to the patient in this way.

What does a nebulizer mask do?

It is used in the treatment of different respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchiolitis.

How to use a nebulizer mask?

Using a nebulizer mask: The nebulizer mask is attached to the steam outlet of the nebulizer. It is then placed on the patient's face, covering the mouth and nose.

Nebulizer mask cleaning

There will be drug residues on the nebulizer mask after drug use. Cleaning the nebulizer mask is necessary to remove these residues.

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