Patient Wristband

Patient Wristband

• Adult and pediatric: White, red, green and blue.
• Mother-baby: Blue and pink.
• Card and no card options.
• Various color preferences.
• Locking system.

What is a patient wristband?

A patient wristband is used to easily identify the patient who is decided to be hospitalized or is under outpatient treatment.

When creating a record for the patient, information is received from the patient. If the patient is unconscious, information is obtained from a first-degree relative of the patient. Barcodes are created in line with this information. The created barcode is affixed to the patient's identification wristband. 

What is written on the patient wristband?

The patient wristband is important for the rapid healing of the patient. Well, what is there on the patient wristband? The patient wristband usually includes the patient's code, ID number, name, surname, date of birth and gender.

Patient wristband colors and meanings

Blue, pink ones are used for mom and baby; white, red, green, dark blue ones are used for adult and pediatric.

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