Protective Coverall

Protective Coverall

Protective Coverall

What is a protective coverall?

Protective coverall is a clothing that provides protection against substances such as liquid - solid chemicals, oil and dust.

This product is reliable and light. It provides protection for different usage types. It is resistant to many concentrated inorganic chemicals and 1 µm (micrometer) particles. It is also known as a virus coverall, virus protective coverall, corona virus protective coverall.

The coverall even meets the requirements of EN 14126: 2003 for biological hazards in the highest performance class. It has special design to move easily. In this way, it offers comfort.

Easyflow protective coverall is white. Size options are S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL.

Protective coverall features

* It has an elastic hood and a self-adhesive chin cover.

* It is stitched and robust.

* It provides more protection thanks to the elastic parts in the cuffs and ankles.

* It is very useful because it has a self-adhesive zipper.

* It has a thumb loop to keep the arm from opening up. It is recommended to use gloves for real protection.

Advantages of the Easyflow coverall

It provides chemical and biological protection.

Excellent protective materials are used during production. It has passed the chemical permeability and mechanical properties test. It complies with EU standards.

The protective coverall does not contain halogen components. In this way, it increases reliability.

It is checked before leaving production for true reliability and true quality.

The design of the Easyflow protective coverall is also important. It provides convenience for users' movements such as sitting and walking. It makes it easy to move, especially in the working environment.

Thanks to the design, breathing becomes easier.

It offers comfort thanks to the quality of the material used, the flexibility and lightness of the coverall. Those who use it feel better.

It has antistatic properties. Thus, the accumulation of static electricity is reduced or static electricity is completely eliminated.

The material used in the interior is completely skin-friendly.

How to wear a protective coverall?

It is easy to wear protective overalls. However, it is necessary to follow the directions. To ensure real protection, you should do all the checks of parts such as hood, cuffs.

Where is a protective coverall used?

It is used in many processes such as chemical, pharmaceutical industries, petroleum, crude oil works, agrochemical processes, destruction of dangerous substances, medical applications.

Where is a protective coverall sold?

You will not have any trouble to buy corona protective coverall. You can get it from places that sell medical products. You can also buy coverall on websites. Moreover, you can find out the prices more easily on the internet. You can search with words such as virus protective coverall prices, medical protective coverall prices in search engines.

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