Endotracheal Tube Without Cuff

Endotracheal Tube Without Cuff

Tracheal tubes are sterile, single use medical devices made of polyvinyl chloride with cuff, inflation line, pilot balloon and one way check valve, designed for oral or nasal intubation and intended for airway management of the unconscious patients.

A radiopaque line is incorporated into the full length of the tracheal tube.

Thermosensitive materials with sufficient initial rigidity to facilitate intubation have been selected which by nature conforms to the individual patient’s respiratory tract at body temperature ensuring minimum trauma.

Each tracheal tube is packed with a loosely assembled 15 mm connector to enable the user to cut the tube to length.

The stylet is intended to facilitate the introduction of the tracheal tube into the trachea.

Available sizes : 2.0fr / 2.5fr / 3.0fr / 3.5fr / 4.0fr / 4.5fr / 5.0fr / 5.5fr.

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