TPN Bag – Light Protection

TPN Bag – Light Protection

• In total parenteral nutrition, it is used as source cup for preparation and application of a mixture so as to bring TPN content into a single mixture.
• Transparent and light- protected types are available.
• Due to EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) structure, prevents drug impermeability.
• It is a product which enables the oncology drug to be applied on the patient easily.
• As regards light-protected model, due to its UV – protected structure, it avoids the harmful effects of the daylight.
• There are various bag volume options which will be coherent with various types of applications.
• No DEHP and latex is involved.

What is a TPN bag?

If the patient cannot be fed orally or enterally, he may need to be fed intravenously. For example, if the patient cannot be fed orally for a few days or is losing weight rapidly, the necessary nutrients are given to the patient through a vein.

For this, the total parenteral nutrition method is used. There is also a feeding solution to feed the patient. And for using the solution effectively, a TPN bag is used. TPN bag prices vary according to the features and volumes in the market.

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