Catheter Mount

Catheter Mount

• Provides connection between invasive air way devices and breathing cycle.
• Compatible connection with ventilation and breathing cycles.
• 22F or 15M Connection option by 5 mm standard diameter hose.
• Smoothbore/extendable and corrugated hose option compatible with anesthetic and respiratory gases.
• 3.5 mm aspiration and 9.5 mm bronchoscope port-bend connection, which has double axis and rotatable for 360 degrees.

What is a a catheter mount?

A catheter mount is used for patients using respirators. Thanks to this product, patients using tracheostomy cannula or endotracheal tube can move more easily. In addition, its use provides convenience for the care of the patient.

When several materials such as tracheostomy cannula and bacterial filter are used at the same time, congestion occurs. To solve this problem, catheter mount is used.

When it is being used, first the tracheostomy cannula or endotracheal tube and then catheter mount are connected. Afterwards, materials such as breathing circuit can be connected.

There are different types of catheter mount. Catheter mount prices vary according to the types. 

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