Bacteria Filter

Bacteria Filter

• Polypropylene transparent body.
• Bacterial effectiveness by 99.999%
• Viral effectiveness by 99.999%
• CO2 port with clamp or luer cover.
• Ultrasonic body combination without using adhesive.

What is a bacteria filter? 

Bacteria filter is an important product in patient care. It is used to prevent bacteria from reaching the patient's respiratory tract. It can also be used to keep aspiration devices sterile. In this way, the risk of infection is reduced.

Using the bacteria filter

It is used for patients using tracheostomy cannula, intubated patients and patients connected to a ventilator. The use of bacterial filter is much more important in patients with tracheostomy, because of the risk of infection is greater.

Bacteria filter features

Different models are available for use in different devices. There are models that can be used without a device and there are models such as adult and pediatric.

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