Anesthesia Circuit

Anesthesia Circuit

• Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal.
• PVC, Polypropylene, extendible house options are available.
• Length of spouse which determined by the healthcare professionals according to the necessity.
• Locked covered or luer connected T connectors.
• Y connector either with a port or not.
• Breathing balloon either including Latex or not.

What is an anesthesia circuit?

Anesthesia circuit is used to reach medical gases or anesthetics to the patient. In addition, it enables the removal of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide.

There are different types of anesthesia circuit. There are types such as anesthesia circuit adult, anesthesia circuit pediatric, anesthesia circuit with balloon. Anesthesia circuit prices vary according to the brand and type. It is classified as open system, semi-open system, semi-closed system and closed system.

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