Breathing Circuit

Breathing Circuit

• Adult /Pediatric/Neonatal patient options.
• Corrugated/Smoothbore/ extendible house.
• Length of spouse which determined by the healthcare professionals according to the necessity.
• Water retainer with valve which does not permit leakage when opened for discharge of water.
• Y connector including pressure and temperature measuring ports.

What is a breathing circuit?

A breathing circuit is used for process such as delivering oxygen, mist, gas, small amounts of liquid to the patient, removing carbon dioxide. It is classified as open systems, semi-open systems, closed systems and semi-closed systems.

Ambient air is used in open systems. When using ambient air in semi-open systems, an apparatus or reservoir balloon is also used. In closed systems, breathing is provided in an area where no gas enters. While the ambient air is blocked in semi-closed systems, a source is used for respiration in a controlled manner.

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