Tracheostomy Cannula

Tracheostomy Cannula

• Types with cuff or not.
• Rounded end which does not lead trauma.
• High volume- law pressure, soft, thin walled cuff.
• Transparent, anatomical structure- adapted tube.
• Radio pack line.
• Pilot cuff with valve.
• Rotatable, 15 mm connector.
• Stopper which avoids the tissues to enter into the tube.
• Flexible wings of which the size and external diameter values are specified.
• Tie which is mountable on the wings.

With cuff, between 3.0-9.0 Fr
Without cuff between 3.0-5.5 Fr

What is a tracheostomy cannula?

Patients may experience respiratory distress. In this case, the respiratory tract must be opened permanently or temporarily. Then, tracheostomy cannula, one of the two solutions for breathing, is applied.

If the vocal cords are not damaged during the operation, the patient does not lose the ability to speak. Speaking tracheostomy cannula can be used. Tracheostomy cannula prices vary according to the brand, model and type. There are types of tracheostomy cannula with or without cuff. Tracheostomy cannula replacement is performed periodically in a sterile environment.

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