Face Mask

Face Mask

Disposable (single use).
Anti allergic.
Air permeability (easy breathing).
Full and easy coherence with face.
Elastic and have lacings. 2 layered and 3 layered.
Can be supplied as Meltblown.

Mask is used for many purposes. Nowadays, it is much more important to protect against corona virus. Healthy people should use mask to avoid getting viruses. Likewise, corona patients should use mask in order not to spread the virus.

Protection against corona is provided by the right mask selection and use of the correct mask.

As a result of sweating in hot weather or getting wet in rainy weather, the protection of your health is decreased. For this reason, it is important to have a spare mask with you.

Mask is disposable

For real protection, you should not reuse disposable masks. When you return home, you should remove the mask you used and throw it away. Also, you should definitely wash your hands after touching the mask.

This product is completely hygienic

We offer masks produced in the most hygienic environment using the highest quality materials. Do not use poor quality and unhygienic masks to avoid getting sick.

It is anti-allergic

It is against allergies. It also has allergy-destroying properties. That's why we recommend our anti-allergic masks to stay healthy.

It is permeable to air

Air flow through the masks is very important. Our product is very successful in air permeability. In this way, you can breathe easily while protecting against the virus.

Adapts to the face

It is essential that the use of masks during the day is compatible with the face. Our product fits your face easily and perfectly. So you can talk more comfortably. Likewise, you can prevent your face from opening.

Corona mask types

If you are looking for corona mask types or corona mask models, you can find many types. There are elastic and laced; wired; 2 ply, 3 ply masks. There are also N95 masks with vent and without vent. The corona mask prices are not high and you can choose the type you want and use it.

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