Enema Set

Enema Set

• Rectum end available for easy use.
• 1,750 ml capacity.
• Made of soft PVC material.
• Hose resistant to 110cm bending Castile soap.
• Liquid tight napkin.
• PE glove.
• Offset gel.

What is an enema set?

Enema set is used for examination, treatment or emptying of the intestines. Fluid or gas is sent to the rectum thanks to the enema set. If used in medical conditions to cleanse the intestines, the amount of water in stool is increased, the stool is softened and the stool is easily removed from the body.

Why is it used?

Enema set is performed before preparing the patient for surgery, relieving temporary constipation, cleansing the intestines in medical conditions, x-ray examinations, drug therapies or control processes.

How to prepare the enema set?

First, lubricating gel is applied to the tip of the rectal tube. It is checked whether the enema liquid is close to room temperature. It is ensured that the patient pulls his knees towards his chest. In this way, the liquid will reach the column properly. After the rectal tube is placed in the rectum, the fluid is sent.

Types of enema set

There are types of enema set that provide emptying of the colon and used for treatment.

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