• Used during the medication and treatment of respiratory track diseases such as bronchitis or asthma and after the operations which affect the respiratory system.
• The device is used to increase the long capacity for those suffering respiratory problems and to decrease shortness of breath.
• Respiratory muscles are made stronger due to the exercises made by this device.
• Breathing exercise device consists of airway filter, airway hose, nozzle parts.
• Nozzle which is compatible with mouth anatomy.
• Having three balls.
• Introduced in single packets

What is triflo?

Thanks to efficient breathing, the body receives as much oxygen as needed. In addition, carbon dioxide is excreted from the body in a healthy way. If a person's respiratory efficiency drops, his risk of losing health increases. Devices can be used to prevent it. This device is triflo. Its other name is "breathing exercise device". It is very useful in the treatment of people with diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. Besides patients, those who want to increase their respiratory capacity, such as athletes, can also use triflo.

How to use Triflo?

First, the connections of the device are made completely. The patient should sit upright. Triflo is placed on the patient's lips so that air is not leaked. The patient is asked to breathe deeply. The first, second and third balls must be kept in the air respectively. The aim is to increase lung capacity and reduce shortness of breath in those with respiratory problems. It also makes the patient feel good psychologically.

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